Glass Industry

Drawing on more than 15 years’ experience in material solutions for glass manufacturing, we’ll work with you to enhance your products and improve your glass melting processes.

Whether you’re seeking colour, clarity or chemical durability, or if you’re looking to improve glass manufacturing efficiency and drive down costs, we can help.

Our solutions

We offer a complete portfolio of materials that includes:

This is supported with a range of speciality minerals including colouring oxides, pegmatite and magnesium oxide.

In addition to these primary materials, we’re at the forefront of glass recycling, each year transforming over a million tonnes of waste into high quality cullet products.

Greener glass

With the world’s most advanced optical sorting technology, we transform waste into cullet in four streams of colour with no loss in purity or quality, thereby creating an infinite recycling loop.

Our cullet solutions help customers to meet their environmental challenges and to remain competitive in increasingly challenging markets.


We work with glass manufacturing customers worldwide across a broad range of sectors, including:

display glass
flat (architectural)
fibre glass
float glass
high purity glass
quartz lighting